Forest is the lung of our earth, in several ways it plays an important role in day to day life. Likely, it plays a vital role in maintaining water cycle, making a huge eco-system, protecting our vast variety of flora and fauna, and helps in the economic development of a country.

We at NEKSS provide comprehensive range of forest services and solutions to government and private enterprises for managing, protecting and restoring the forest. We have a group of diversified experienced experts from all fields of forestry, environment, and biodiversity to provide innovative scientific solutions to our various clients.

Our key areas include:

• Forest survey and sampling

• Tackle Deforestation and Degradation

• Forest conservation & assessment

• Land Use/Land Cover Change

• Crop stress & health monitoring

• Modeling for forest conservation and management

• Ecological modeling

• Environment impact assessment studies

• Forest vulnerability mapping

• Change detection studies/analysis

• Identifying Forest resources

• Development of Forest resource Information portal