It is hard to exaggerate the role that agriculture plays in human development. It is expected that food production will need to increase by 70% to meet our needs by 2050. Generally, it plays a major role in improving food security, sustainable development and smart agriculture by increasing the quantity and diversity of food, and also developing an agriculture resource information system. Agriculture acts as a driver of economic transformation because agriculture is the prime source of income for a majority of the people who live in the most extreme poverty.

NEKSS provide solutions to government and private enterprises those who are seeking technical support and consultation in the domain of agriculture. We have a multidisciplinary team comprising of Agriculturist, Agricultural Engineers, Surveyors, GIS Engineers, Economists, Etatisticians, and Livelihood experts to deliver agri-solutions in a quick turnaround time.

Our key areas include:

• Crop survey & spatial distribution mapping

• land use-land cover mapping & development planning

• Baseline survey & mapping

• Cropping pattern & change detection analysis

• Crop stress & health monitoring

• Crop acreage & yield estimation

• Crop production improvement planning

• Irrigated landscape mapping

• Soil and irrigation amendment analysis

• Elevation models for efficient drainage

• Suitability assessment studies

• Soil erosion identification & preventive measures

• Damage & land degradation assessment studies